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Knowledgeable Appraisals in Marathon

Your search for an expert real estate appraiser in the Marathon area of the Florida Keys begins and ends with the Gorman Group of Florida.


Marathon is more than a Florida Key, it is an area that spans several Keys.  Providing an appraisal in Marathon requires sophisticated real estate research. If you are looking for accurate values in the Marathon area we can provide them - our Florida Keys appraiser, George Rosendale, knows the Keys - and the Marathon Area. He knows the difference in values between Pigeon Key and Long Key. He knows the difference in values between being on the ocean side of a key as opposed to being on the Gulf side - there is a difference. Through a lifetime (some would say a long one :) of experience in performing residential and commercial appraisals here, George knows values. He also knows the FNMA, VA, and banks rules regarding appraisals. From resorts, hotels and launches, to restaurants and offices, to condominiums and single family homes and everything in between, The Gorman Group Florida Keys office will deliver timely, accurate appraisals that reflect insight into the area as well as current market conditions.


Whether you are looking for an investment, refinance, estate or any other kind of appraisal, put George Rosendale's expertise to work for you!