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Expert Appraisals in Key Largo, Florida


Key Largo is about the closest key to mainland Florida and Miami, but if you need an appraisal here, you really need an appraiser who understands the differences between this market and the rest of Florida - not someone from Miami.

While prices may appear be similar to those in Miami – very expensive - in Key Largo a half a block can make a significant difference in the value an appraiser might develop.  An appraiser with knowledge of The Keys is a must - one without that experience can be dangerous.


Current asking prices range from six figures down to less than $100,000.00 – but those less expensive homes can be “trailers.” Appraisers who know "The Keys" recognize that properties on one side of Overseas Highway (Route 1) can bring significantly different prices than those on the other side.    

                    Key Largo Holiday Inn Appraised by George Rosendale of The Gorman Group 

                               The Key Largo Holiday Inn - Appraised by George Rosendale of the Gorman Group

Having appraised properties ranging from the Key Largo Holiday Inn (shown above) to small homes (even a trailer or two) The Gorman Group can provide an accurate appraisal of any kind of property in Key Largo – or anywhere else in the Keys. 


Appraisals in Key Largo should be performed by someone who is familiar with the area and experienced in appraising in the Keys.

That someone is George Rosendale.



George is attuned to the nuances of Key Largo; its diverse, eclectic housing market and predominance of service industries. A paradise for tourists and residents alike, approximately 15,000 people make this largest and longest of the Keys their full-time residence.

Key Largo presents a mixture of laid-back atmosphere and vibrant community life. Home to incredible scenery, this "Gateway to the American Caribbean" is a destination for divers, sport-fishermen, eco-tourists and others who revel in water and warm climates - appraisers like it too.